Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember back in April...

Remember back in April when I got on a black spray painting kick and painted everything that couldn't run from me?  Remember when I posted these photos of the pots with the newly planted impatients?

Well, I just want to report on the miracle status of the impatients...

These things have grown like crazy! 

In the effort of full disclosure, I just pulled up the ones in the ground because they weren't looking so great and I was sick of them.

On another note, will someone please tell the mosquitos that it is October (almost) and time for them to die or go whereever it is that they go in the winter.  I'm tired of being bitten and as for that little ba$&#rd mosquito that has been living in my house for a week and living off of me (literally), please be the first to die!



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