Monday, October 26, 2009

No Progress

There was no progress on the bedroom re-do this weekend. I may have chronic fatigue syndrome. Or maybe just chronic laziness syndrome. Or maybe depression from my football team's poor and pathetic showing this weekend. Any way you look at it, it requires lots of napping and tv watching on the weekends.

Really what I decided was that all I had time for this weekend, if anything, was getting the primer up. Then I thought What a pain in the butt! I mean I would have to move the existing furniture into the middle of the room and make the mess, only to have to clean it up enough to live in it for a week until I got around to actually painting. So I decided it would be best to make the mess come and go all on the same weekend.

Hopefully this weekend between Friday's "Scare at the Square" and Saturday's football and Trick-or-Treaters and a Sunday trip to Canton, I will be able to prime and paint. So ambitious. I should start an iv drip of energy drinks now!


Scrappy Girl said...

I am ambitious too...which usually ends with my butt on the couch watching tv too...LOL!

courtney said...

your rationale sounds rational to me! however, why don't you just go with the paint/primer combo?

courtney said...

hey! yes, i found that shirt on the internet and ordered it. i hope you don't mind!! :) however, i tore off all of the little rhinestones b/c a few of the fell off and the ones that were left just looked oddly placed!


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