Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Camera Bag

I ordered a camera bag some time back and I'm so excited that it finally came in. It seems like I ordered it forever ago, but the company custom makes them after you order them, thus it takes a couple of weeks before they can mail them out. They make lots of really cute bags...


I thought several were really cute, but I was afraid to order a light colored background one, so I ordered this one instead...


I didn't think it was the most adorable, but thought it was something that wouldn't show stains really bad and would go with just about anything you could be wearing.

It is smaller than I thought it would be, but it will hold a camera and two lenses and will also hold the camera with the lens on it. I like that it is smaller than I thought because it can be toted around so much easier and even be crammed inside my carry-on bag when traveling. Further, I like that it doesn't have "Nikon" blazing from the side of it saying "Hello, expensive camera, come take me" that some of the other ones do.

bag 2

They have them marked down $10 (which essentially covers the shipping). If you need a cute camera bag, check out Janine King Designs on etsy.


Scrappy Girl said...

Cute bag! I just pop my Nikon down in my humongous purse...lol. I take it EVERYWHERE!

Traci said...

Wait- did you say they were $10- cause I didn't see that!!

I LOVE the one you picked out. I want one bad!! You think she will trade me for a blog design?

Emilymud said...

Okay even though Chris thought it was point less, I bought one too...I think they are so cute! I got the black and white swirl that way it wasn't too GIRLY for him. But I really like your strap on your camera, where did you get that?
I can't wait for my bag to arrive!!! I will have to blog about it too.


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