Sunday, January 17, 2010

In Full Bloom

I purchased some Paper Whites for half price at Target's after Christmas sale. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been in constant amazement of these bulbs. First I had to keep them in the garage (well a cool dark place) until they sprouted. Then I put them in my kitchen window. Every day I couldn't wait to see how they had grown. The day when they really sprouted roots, they did so with such force that they shot the bulbs clear out of the dirt and had to be replanted! Can you tell, I've been like a kid with a science experiment?

I've been taking photos of the progress, but of course, I must have accidentally deleted most of the photos. It's really too bad because some days, I swear, they would grow like 3 inches!

Here's a photo of just a few days ago...

paper white 1 edited

Then yesterday they started to bloom and today they look like this...

paper white 2

a close up...

paper white 3

ummm, there is one little problem... they stink to high heaven! Okay, I'm kind of scent sensitive. Almost every single product I use is scent free with the exception of my perfume. Around the house, there are about 4 approved scents for candles, oils, wallflowers, etc. You might not think they stink, but I cannot stand them. I've had to move them away from the kitchen sink area because I couldn't stand to do the dishes. Now I've moved them into the breakfast area because, well, I never really eat anywhere but the couch anyway! They are by Lola's toys though. Poor girl!

Now this has nothing to do with the Paper Whites or being in full bloom. Really it is the antithesis of full bloom. More like full burn-out. But it cracks me up because she totally reminds me of a polar bear at the zoo laid up on a rock or something...

polar bear lola

Finally, it is hard to post anything and not mention Haiti.  So many horrible stories coming out of there, but so much hope and great examples of the human spirit.  I have found a blog that a young (20ish) couple, Ben & Katie, from Dallas is writing about their experiences teaching at a school in Haiti.  They arrived on December 29th and then within a couple of weeks found themselves in the middle of all this mess.  They have been able to blog about it a couple of times since the earthquake struck. 


Linda K said...

I definitely know what you mean about being scent sensitive. I have a difficult time with any scent that is flowery. We have been sitting in the same place at church for years and a new lady has come and sits close to us. She has so much perfume on that she is killing me every Sunday but I don't have the heart to move.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!


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