Sunday, January 31, 2010

I've managed to watch two of the three DVDs I was hoping to watch this weekend. Maybe I'll get the third watched tonight...

On Saturday, I watched "Bright Star". I am so enchanted by this movie. It is the story of John Keats and Fanny Brawne. Keats obviously being a poet, though not a successful one during his short lifetime. Fanny Brawne was the woman he loved and an oh so fabulous clothing designer. She was constantly sewing lovely frocks! It was like watching an 1818 version of Project Runway! I am still absorbing it and cannot come up with another word besides enchanting, so sorry to be repeating myself.

Today, I watched "The Hurt Locker" and if enchanted describes how "Bright Star" left me feeling, then exhausted describes this movie! I feel like I have been in Iraq dismantling bombs all day! I'm still absorbing this too, but I think it is really a work of art because I never felt like I was watching a movie, but felt more like someone was just over in Iraq recording the action. And I kept thinking to myself that I could NOT believe this was directed by a female.


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