Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lend a Hand to Haiti

I'm a CNN junkie. Even on "non-news days", CNN probably runs on my T.V. for at least 4 hours a day. On days like yesterday and today, CNN is on for 8 hours plus. I can't help it. It is one of my addictions.

Those poor people of Haiti. They were in such bad shape...and that was two days ago, before the earthquake. Today, it seems to just be devastated. You cannot watch without your heart breaking. They need so much help. They need our help. They need my help. They need your help.

If you feel like you cannot do much, so why bother, keep in mind what I heard President Clinton say earlier today. In the aftermath of the Tsunami a couple of years ago, over a billion dollars was donated by Americans. You know what the average donation was? $56.

Donate whatever you can. You can make a donation at many organizations, some of which I have listed below. On most, you can click the link and go straight to a donation page. In addition, you can text "HAITI" to " 90999" and $10 will go directly to the Red Cross. I believe that the $10 donation will show up on your phone bill and no, the phone companies are not taking a cut. How many texts have you sent today? Just do one more and help out. You can also visit The Pioneer Woman's giveaways for a new KitchenAid mixer on her Tasty Kitchen site and register to win. For every person who registers, she is donating 10 cents to Haiti.

And I have fought through my anger and used all my willpower not to say horrible things about that, that, that... MAN, Pat Robertson. What would Jesus do Pat? What would Jesus say? Not what you said today, you mean hateful man! Well, I almost made it! That really was nicer than what I would like to say!

Make a donation
Clinton Global Initiative
Direct Relief International
World Vision
American Red Cross
Save the Children
Mercy Corps

Operation USA
Doctors Without Borders (MSF)
Medical Teams International
International Committee of the Red Cross
Salvation Army


Traci said...

I know- it's awful! When there is a tragedy- I am usually on cnn until Alan comes home and changes it to fox news. sigh

Yes, Pat- what would Jesus do- indeed!

courtney said...

good post, Kara! i made my donation for haiti today to Compassion International, which is an org. i love!

oh, pat....ugh! if this happened to haiti b/c of some pact they made with the devil in 1791, what's going to happen to us in 219 years b/c of the things pat's said? i would love to never have to hear a quote from pat robertson, al sharpton, or jesse jackson again!!

GypsyNurse said...

Thanks so much for all the info.. I have tons of stuff left over from Operation Christmas Child so I think I am going to figure out how to send stuff to the kids... plus in my Etsy shops.. Do a weekend special.. All purchases..proceeds go to Salvation Army (to Haiti)
Thanks again!

ro said...

Dear Kara,
Your words toward Pat Robertson were mild compared to all the things I said standing in my living room. People do need to speak out against hate. It's the only thing that WILL stop the hate. Keep on......


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