Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Pictures and Someone Got a Haircut

I've been taking photos of everything in an effort to try out my new camera. I need to read my Dummies book more and get into the more technical aspects, but for now, I'm still in Auto mode.

Did you know that when it gets cold enough, ice crystals just form on all sorts of things?

Like outdoor pillows...

I thought they were pretty.

Lots of Lola of course...

Oh that sweet, sweet face!

What will she ever do once we have replaced the crappy fence on that side of the yard?
She loves to go be a nosy neighbor!

My house looks like this 99% of the time. Toys, toys and more toys everywhere!

The girl loves all of her toys!

As you can see, she was getting pretty shaggy. I hadn't taken her to the groomer since before Thanksgiving. I really didn't like the way they had groomed her. She just plain looked awful! And then she was so nervous when I picked her up. I just didn't like the feeling of the whole place since it was under new management.

I knew that I was going to have to take her somewhere and soon, but I just didn't know what to do. Yesterday I decided to find a new place. I went by one place and mentioned that I wasn't happy with my current grooming place because it had changed hands, etc. and then the lady told me that they were owned by the same people (not too smart from a business perspective since I just had expressed my displeasure, but I was happy to know that info!). Then I went online and read reviews. I decided to try a place called Red Dog Paw Spa. Since groomers are just like hair dressers and closed on Mondays, I called this morning. They said they weren't very busy today and could get her in and out quickly. I took her at 9:00 and they were calling me at 10:00 to come and pick her up.

They seemed really nice and she wasn't nervous at all when I got her. They said she was very good which is hard to imagine since I know what a little lion she turns into when I pull the brush out! They apologized that she didn't look great, but they said it would take a few groomings to help get her back on track after the last horrible grooming job. Then they were giving me the grooming gossip. Seems Lola's groomer committed suicide! So sad! Anyway, then some other dogs came in and Lola acted bad, so I had to leave before getting the whole scoop about the new owners of our old salon and all.

Here are some pics of the newly groomed, and super tired little pup...


Spotted-Bird said...

Lola looks so pretty. Good job with the pictures.

Abby said...

so glad you got the gossip and so glad that Lola liked them!

Emilymud said...

Love the pictures...I really like the last one of Lola! She looks so pretty. I am glad that she was happy when you picked her up, it always makes you feel better. So sad to hear about the other groomer!


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