Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Productivity is up this year!

Productivity is up around our little firm this year. Well, at least for some of us...

We finished the clean-up project today. We seem to have gotten the knack for working well in our "organized chaos", so I'm pretty sure now that we are actually organized, we won't be able to find a darn thing! Turns out our shredder just needed a nice LONG rest, and it was back up and running today. For a minute or two, we thought we were going to have to go rent a storage building to store our closed files, but they all JUST fit. Probably in 6 months of so, that will be something we have to do, as I am unwilling to give up another closet in the house for such things and I don't really have room in the garage. Of course I recognize that 6 months from now will put us in the throws of the Texas Summer Heat, but hey, we can save $300 on storage if we wait (remind me of this when I am complaining about dehydration from moving boxes into storage come June or July!).

I'm trying to work on a product giveaway for you guys, so that has taken some time today...trying to pick a product under certain guidelines is hard! The other thing I've got going on today is that my break is finally over. School starts back for me tonight. I'm trying to get everything prepared. How much do you think my students are going to hate me when they find out we are actually having class tonight? But this class only meets once a week, so it isn't like I can just hand out the syllabus and then write the whole class off. So I'll be lecturing on Congress tonight. Probably a little pre-lecture on the Articles of Confederation before we dive into Congress. Sounds like fun, No?



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