Friday, January 15, 2010


As I mentioned earlier this year, I am not a big fan or new year's resolutions, but instead thought I should be resolved all year long to do better and be better. Just for the record, I have managed to stick to my one new year's resolution and have used eye cream and moisturizer every single night of the year!

I bring all this up because I need to be resolved to have more patience and be grateful for what I have. You will recall my total impatience in waiting on my new camera to be delivered. I have been experiencing similar impatience regarding a couple of other online purchases I have made.

One finally came in camera strap. Here are some pics from where I ordered it from (I took some pics, but this is the lazy way out!)

This one is called "Garden Gate" and it really just spoke to me! I loved the pink, red, green, and lilac, but I wasn't entirely sure whether it was black or brown background when I ordered it. I didn't care because I was fine with either. Turns out it is black and I do love it. I ordered it from this shop on Etsy.

As I was living my excitement at finally getting this in, I was also half listening to CNN in the background of my living room. I thought about how selfish and petty it was that I've been ticked off that the seller of this strap wouldn't respond to my e-mail requests for information about whether it had shipped or not. These poor Haitians cannot get food, water, medicine and other basic supplies. That is what is important, not whether it takes two weeks vs. the week I thought it was going to take to get a stupid (but CUTE) camera strap (or bag, or book, or whatever else I'm impatient about).

People are giving and breaking all records for donations even in these economic times. Over 8 million dollars has been raised through the Text Messages to The Red Cross. That's awesome! The power of social networking and other technology. I failed to mention Compassion International the other day in my list of Charities. It was just not on the list I was looking at and my mind wasn't working properly. They are great! I have a button over to the right that will link you to them now too.

Finally I just want to say that I love AC! AC? Yes, Anderson Cooper. I watch him every night, but he is so great in times of crisis. And Dr. Sanjay rock star! Have you seen the footage of him treating the 15 day old baby? I was so sad when he didn't take the job as Surgeon General, but now, I'm glad we still have him on CNN.


Ann said...

So sad watching the pictures out of Haiti. Sent the Red Cross a check today. Otherwise, I feel pretty helpless.

On a happier note, love the camera strap! Very cute.


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