Monday, January 25, 2010


Oh when the Saints,
Go Marching In,
Oh when the Saints go marching in...

Let me first say that I do not follow football in the NFL. I follow NCAA football closely. NFL, not so much. I haven't even watched the superbowl in years (not even for the commercials). Really the only reason I normally know anything about NFL football is because of the constant droning on about the Cowboys that we get on our local news.

BUT, I do know about those New Orleans Saints! How about that! I'm so happy for the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast that they have something so great to root for. They deserve it! And to see such a celebration in the Superdome considering how it was only a few years ago.

I loved seeing the celebration on Bourbon St. last night post game.

Oh course, I started thinking about what a great theme Super Bowl party you could have this year. Turn your house into a mardi gras festival with beads everywhere. Cook Jambalaya. Serve Hurricanes and Abita Beer. Perfect!

I asked the question in my Giveaway post, but didn't answer it myself. What do I love about New Orleans? I cannot narrow it down to one thing. The food. The architecture. The area outside of NOLA, River Road, with all the great plantations. The people. The feeling I get as soon as the plane touches down. The lemonades at the Bar on the Corner. Oh, how I could keep going with this list!

For those of you that haven't been to NOLA, you MUST go. It is such a great city. For those of you that haven't been, I've enjoyed seeing where your favorite spot is. New Orleans is my top spot because it is pretty close and easy to get to quickly from here. It's also cheaper than my second choice of NYC.

If you haven't entered the giveaway do so HERE. I asked a couple of people why they hadn't entered and they said it was because they already have a rice steamer. Seriously? Am I the only person who enters contests for things that I already own? I mean, I enter to win a KitchenAid mixer for PW every single time she has a contest and yet, I already own one. I just want to win something!


Scrappy Girl said...

We were SO excited for the Saints...with the SuperBowl on the 7th and Mardis Gras on the 16th that is gonna be one hoppin' city in February!

I fell in love with NOLA this past fall. Great city...the people make it so nice!

Linda K said...

Well since the Cowboys are out, I will have to cheer for someone else. This will be tough. I am not a Colts fan - but I am a Peyton Manning fan. It has been a long time waiting for Saints fans - so I would like to see them win. I guess I will just sit back and hopefully it will just be a good game.

Anonymous said...

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