Sunday, January 24, 2010

Seasonal Finds

I have made a couple of purchases this weekend that I want to show you.

First, I got some Valentines Day dish towels at Target. I have several sets of these I use during Christmas and January and have decided that they are really some of my favorite towels (maybe even ahead of my Williams-Sonoma towels). Now, I've made it my goal to have a set for every "season" or holiday so that I have some in the rotation year round. Here are the Valentines Day ones that I got...


They have them in the traditional Red, Pink and White, and those were really cute, but I just loved all the colors in this set.

towels 2

You can find these at your local Target. They are $3.99 for a set of 2.

Then I made my way to TJ Maxx and found some super springy shoes...


They are by Sperry Topsiders (giggle), but I thought they were perfect for spring/summer. They can be worn earlier in the season with jeans and then later with capris, shorts, skirts, etc. I also have to add that they are really comfy. I find some flats to be, well too flat. These have some arch support. They had these in a couple of other colors too. They had a french blue with navy trim and white with coral trim. They were a great deal... $19.99. You can probably find them at your local TJ Maxx too.

shoes 2

See! They look cute with jeans!

I didn't have too much other excitement for the weekend. I went to a pie social on Saturday afternoon. I don't know why, but every time I say that, I totally feel like I'm out of Little House on the Prairie! It was fundraiser for one of the DA candidates for my county.

Then today, my Mom decided to come and visit. We didn't really do much, but we did have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and it was yummy!

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Abby said...

Love the shoes. High bar you set for those towels.

Amanda said...

I love those shoes! I'm going to have to see if I can find them here! Love the Target towels, too!


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