Friday, January 22, 2010

Why the Hate?

Dear Blogger,

Why the hate? I've been noticing for a while now that most of my posts aren't updating very quickly (if at all) on my loyal readers blog lists. I've done some research and it seems many people have this issue. Why can't you fix it? You are related to Google. I thought the folks at Google could do anything. Oh and while you are at it, please add spell check to the updated editor so that I can stop getting whiplash during my blog posts from having to toggle back and forth between the old and updated editor.

Your frustrated blogger,

If you have me on your blog list and it doesn't look like I've blogged in quite a while, there are three scenarios:

(1) I won the lottery and ran away (though I'd probably blog an "over and out" post about it),
(2) I'm dead,
or the more likely version
(3) Stupid Blogger isn't showing me the love (see above referenced problem)!!!!

So maybe if I don't show up on your list, just check the blog anyway, that way you won't miss anything (like this weeks giveaway!).

See info on the giveaway here


Abby said...

I love dear blogger post. Be forewarned Blogger is a terrible responder, they never write back (or that's what happens to me!)


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