Sunday, March 28, 2010

Half Price Kind of Day

I went to Half Price Books today because I had two coupons for 50% off any item. I think HPB is about the greatest anyway, but couple that with 50% off coupons and it is the best place on earth! I hit up the recent release section first, because I figured that was where I could get more bang for my buck.

If you aren't a HPB devotee, let me fill you in. Many of the books they sell are way more than half of the normal price, but the recent releases sell for exactly half off. Put a 50% coupon in the mix and you are looking at half of half, so 75% off. My math skills are severely lacking, but I can figure percentages off like nobody's business!

So, back to hitting up the recent releases... I hit up this aisle first and much to my surprise and fortune, they finally had Game Change which I've been wanting badly. I've almost broken down and bought it at Sam's Club a couple of times, but it was around $18 and I never had the extra cash. Today I got it for $7 (including tax)!!!!

The coupons said, one per visit per customer, so I purchased Game Change and ran next door to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up something I needed there (with my 20% off coupon). Then I headed back to HPB, and picked up another recent release. I don't know much about this one, but I've read this author's other books, including The Starter Wife, and they were pretty decent so I got this new one. Again, $7 including tax!

What a great day for the book-lover!



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