Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poof! Your Wish is Granted

Today was one of those crazy days where I felt like if I spoke it, then poof, my wish was granted! 

Jennifer and I were out and about avoiding working and we went to a new shopping center to see what was open already and what was soon to come.  As we headed into the shopping center, I said I wish they had a cookie store because I could really use a sugar boost this afternoon.  As we turned the corner, poof, The Great American Cookie Store!

Then I noticed that it was next door to The Purple Cow (a burger place).  I said, That's great, but I wish we were getting some really good places here like Twisted Root Burger Co.  We drove on and what did we see?  A sign in a window that coming to that location...Twisted Root Burger Co.!  Seriously!  Then we drove on and saw that another one of my favorite restaurants, La Duni is opening there also!  We are also getting a Freebirds, Glorias and Patrizios.  I'm so excited to have these really great restaurants so close!

Then we went across the street to another new shopping center to head in TJ Maxx (Jennifer was looking for something).  I said While we are here, I'm going to check and see if they have the Sarah Beth's jam I like (for your reference, I love SB's Strawberry Peach jam, but it is hard to find and they don't even sell that variety at Williams Sonoma and I hate to have to have it shipped from NYC and pay shipping.).  I kid you not, they had it right there on the shelf!

At this point Jennifer said, "Wish for a million bucks!  Everything you say is happening!".  I did, but it didn't happen.   It sucks that apparently I had uncovered a genie, but didn't know it and wasted my three wishes. 


Scrappy Girl said...

I love a "good luck" kind of day.

Traci said...

wish for me to magically be home tomorrow and for there to be a Gloria's opening in our town. :)


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