Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sun and Fun

So, in sharp contrast to Sunday's 8 1/2 inches of snow, we were in the upper 70's today. Lola and I had a little outside playtime with one of her favorite toys, "green guy".
(in case you were wondering what a green guy is, he is in the photo to the right of Lola)
lola in sun
Since Tuesday is my night off, I got to have some fun instead of teaching class. My blog designer and friend, Traci was in town from Arkansas and we got together for dinner at Mi Cocina. Traci has a birthday coming up very soon, so I got her a little something. She's so cute and fun!


We wanted a photo of us together. When, oh when will I learn to have multiple photos taken by multiple people? Our waiter, whose first language was not English, didn't quite understand the directions to my camera...hold the button down half way until it focuses and then press down all the way. I think he just did the press down and missed the "focus" part. Ugh! Well, after a little editing, this is what we were left with...

me & traci

After dinner we did a brief window shopping trip to Swoozies, Sephora and Borders. I was so glad to get together with Traci. While we have e-mailed, been blog buddies and talked on the phone for about a year now, we haven't actually met in person until tonight! So fun!


Abby said...

I love it! So fun to meet people you already really know!besse

Traci said...

I had such a blast with you, Kara! Hope we can do it again soon. Thank you so much for the present!! I can't pry Kylie's hands off of that book! ha!

Scrappy Girl said...

How fun! It is so neat to see bloggy friends in person. Lola looks so cute playing outside.

Spotted-Bird said...

So fun!!! Can we plan a blog get away where we all meet somewhere for a weekend?


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