Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Big State

Texas is a big state. I'm sure you are saying, Well Duh!. I have never had to drive too much across this big state of ours. Sure I made the trek from Nocona to Lubbock many times, but that was about 4 hour. I'm preparing for a trip south tomorrow and have been studying maps. Every source I go to gives me a differnt route and they are all very long routes!

I'm headed to visit my friend Abby. Abby moved way south several years ago and I've been a bad friend and never gone to visit. Abby has been trying to persuade me to branch out from being her personal clothes shopper to also assisting her in her house decorating endeavors. So, I'm heading south for some shopping, but before we shop we are going to a concert.

A singer that I like, Ryan Star, is playing in Houston on Friday night. I could see him in Dallas tonight, but I have to teach, so we are going to drive an hour into Houston on Friday (after my 5 1/2 hour trek south) and see the concert. Abby, the Priceline Queen, got us a swanky hotel room in Houston for $50, so we are staying there on Friday night and plan to shop all of Houston before heading back to "Mayberry" on Saturday night.

Everyone I know should be prepared because I may be calling you on the phone to keep me company on the 315 mile one-way journey!

On another note, today is my half birthday and I will be accepting gifts from 2-5 p.m. Just kidding. Nobody really gets me half birthday gifts. But you can if you really want to! Ugh...half way to 34. Blah!


The Ffrench's said...

I received no phone call. I hope you got there ok.


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