Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One of those days...

You know it is going to be one of those days when you've yelled at someone by 7 a.m. And I do mean yelled at someone. That "lucky" someone was a client. Who called me at 7 a.m. At my house. When I've never given her my house number. Seriously.

I was dead asleep and my phone rings. I look at caller ID and see that client dumbass is calling. I answer, nobody's there. I hang up the phone and of course she calls right back (this is what my clients do...call, don't get fast response, call right back...the concept of voicemail is lost on them). I answered the 2nd time, I yelled. She's an idiot who wanted to know what time to be in court today. Ummm, her court isn't until the 30th. The End.

On a happier note, Bath & Body Works came out with their summer vanillas yesterday and you know I think the lemon smells oh so yummy. In my lemon obsession, I've also been desiring a lemon perfume. I haven't found one that I adored, at least until yesterday. Bigelow has a fragrance that is Lemon and just what I wanted. They sell it at B&B Works. I returned those scent bugs that I got in my stocking at Christmas, because they really just weren't doing it for me and got myself some new perfume instead. Great trade!


Scrappy Girl said...

I fell in love with the lemon verbena products at our hotel in Vegas. The other day at Walmart I found a new Dove bodywash that is Pomengrante and Lemon Verbena. It is heavenly!


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