Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ryan Star & Texas Tech Football

Here is a primarily pictorial review of my weekend...

Ryan Star concert on Friday

I know I inundated you with photos of Ryan Star after the August concert, but here are a couple of more.

Right before taking the stage...
Ryan commenting on our World Series status (which was 0 wins at that point)
This one is because people always comment that he looks mean or serious.  He does when he is singing, but he is really the nicest guy, so I had to show that he does smile.
and this one, because I kind of thought it was a cool pic...

and that's all for Ryan Star pictures.  I've been asked if I am known by him as his super fan.  No, I am nowhere near the super fan status.  I think those who have gone with me can testify that while I'm a fan, my behavior in no way makes me memorable as a super fan.  Now others, I think personally, Ryan may need a restraining order against. 

Ryan and I did get to chat more this time and that was fun!

College Station for the game on Saturday

A pumpkin contest at a tailgate

 Talley & Me with our Masked Rider before the game
View from our seats
Raider Red before the game
President Bush led the Aggies out of the locker room
He had quite the little vehicle to drive
Our Red Raiders coming out onto the field
The fly-over (and you can see there wasn't a cloud in the sky...thus my sunburn!)
Some Game Action now...

Tech celebrating that we were the first to score

Aggies kicking off after they scored
We scored again!
Our Goin' Band from Raiderland in the stands...
On the field at half-time...

The Aggie Band...
Now for the second half of play
aka: where things went very bad for the Red Raiders
"3 & out" is officially burned into my brain because I heard it so much in the 3rd Quarter!

But finally!  In the 4th, our brilliant (read sarcastically) coach FINALLY put in our back-up (read: should be starting) quarterback and we scored a few times.  Of course our coach waited until we were too far down to catch up to make the change in QB, but at least we scored a few more times.  Here is "Sticks" (#1)  in action...

Us leaving the game (2 sad, 1 happy)


Abby said...

What a fun weekend! I had the best time! It was the perfect kick off for my birthday! Thanks for coming. Sorry your team was disappointing!

Scrappy Girl said...

You have so much fun...I am jealous.

Ann said...

Looks like so much fun- except for all the losing. I was quite disappointed. Glad you had fun with your friends.

Spotted-Bird said...

Such a fun weekend. It would have been much better with a win, but we don't do that anymore.


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