Thursday, October 28, 2010


I'm off to Canton Trade Days today.  Oh by the way, I won free parking passes for Canton!  I didn't even enter!  I mean, I've entered in the past, but not this month and I won anyway.  That's on the heels of winning my Ryan Star tickets.  Don't think I didn't venture out and buy a couple of Lotto tickets today! 

Anyway, I've got Christmas on the brain since this is my "Christmas Trip" to Canton.  I've virtually moved on from Halloween, but I realized that I needed to stop and show you the treats that I prepared for some special trick-or-treaters.
You see, I've got friends, and then I've got a passel of little friends.  All my little friends actually came from my friends, but I guess that is the way it works...or well, let's face it, it would just be plain weird.  My little friends seem to multiply from Halloween to Halloween, but nonetheless, they still all get treats.

These are some of the treats that I prepared for them all this Halloween...

There were Halloween Books...

And cute little frankenstein, kitty cat or pumpkin treat bags filled with candy, fruit chews, crayolas and play-doh... 
which Lola had to put her stamp of approval on of course!

No Tricks here, only Treats!

Don't forget, today is the last day to enter my giveaway, so don't miss out!


Scrappy Girl said...

"Little friends" are what make Halloween FUN! I am sure they will be tickled with all their treats. I sent my little friends handmade cards...they loved them!

Abby said...

Your little friends here are over the moon about their books!! Love love them!!

You are really the best. Lola gets all kind of credit as well!!


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