Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less than a week 'til Oscar

For those of you Hollywood/Red Carpet/Award Show/Movie obsessed people like me out there, you must be getting excited like I am that we are a less than a week away from Oscar!  You should check out March's Vanity Fair

It's full of great Hollywood stories & photos.  One article is about Harvey Weinstein.  Did you know that Harvey Weinstein is married to Georgina Chapman (one of the founders of Marchesa)?  I cannot believe I didn't know that.  I haven't been able to fully wrap my brain around it.

Back to the Oscars...I have failed to see all the movies (darn them for increasing it to 10 nominees!).  I had hoped to get to the movies to see The Fighter, but they quit showing it at the theatre closest to me, so that hasn't happened.  I also have had Inception at my house on DVD for a few weeks, but haven't found the motivation to watch it yet.

5 days and counting!


Ann said...

Is it bad that I don't really like the Oscars- just the red carpet show and then the Fashion Police? I really just want to critique what people are wearing. Although- this year I have seen one movie and am rooting for The King's Speech!!

The Cooper Family said...

Can you BELIEVE I still haven't seen Kings Speech? I heart Colin so much...how have I not made time for it? I am making Matt take me on Saturday night.

Abby said...

I just hope that Ann Hathaway wears something pretty on her. Sometimes I think she tries to hard and looks bad!

I'm proud to report I've seen at least one nominated movie. One more than I've ever seen before.

brian is going to continue to thank you for my high amazon bill, just finished something borrowed, on to something blue tomorrow!


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