Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wrap-Up

What a brilliant & glorious day!  Could it have been any more perfect?  Here's a Royal Wrap-Up:

After approximately 3 hours of sleep, my alarm sounded at 2:50 a.m. and I sprung out of bed to brush my teeth, put up my hair, and go wake my guests.  My friends Lisa and Suzanna were spending the night, and we all began watching the coverage at 3:00 a.m, and there were some friends communicating via Twitter and Text messages, and my Mom on e-mail too.  I'll get to my thoughts about the good and bad in a minute, but first, let's talk about my Royal Watch Party!

Here's a look at the accommodations that I provided my guests for the night...

In addition to my guest bedroom, I rearranged my office and brought in the trundle part of my daybed
Not the prettiest, but this way everyone had their own room.

Both guests found that I had left two very important things for the next morning on their bed...
a copy of the official programme...
and of course, a tiara!

Now, for the decorations...

This is probably  the most prominent decoration...
The flag on the mantle and of course, a framed photo of the couple...
On the coffee table, there was some informative information in case anyone cared to polish up on some Royal history or London landmarks including the places where the day's events were occurring...
The buffet was set up with the tableware...
and some decorations...

union jack with some of my roses...

a close-up of the napkins that contained our silverware
Some details of my food table
(had to take these the day before so that I had some daylight!)

Buckingham Palace and Big Ben...
and Tower Bridge
and let me just take this opportunity to mention that a trip over to the British Emporium is totally worth it for this jam and lemon curd!  Delicious!
Here's our food spread for the 4 a.m. breakfast...
The breakfast casserole was super yummy, but we were all distracted & failed to hear the timer go off, so the cheese got kind of brown!

We also had some fruit with fruit dip (cream cheese mixed with marshmallow cream~ yum)
Scones & Petit Fours
Look at these Petit Fours!

Here's a photo of my guest from approximately 3:30 a.m...
Lola was super impressed with the whole wedding.  She was either taking it all in from here...
(yucky iphone photo)

or here...
(another yucky iphone photo)

A wedding isn't a wedding without a present, right?  Well Suzanna brought me a present that she had ordered for me from a lady across the pond...
an adorable little bag made out of that Cath Kidston fabric I love so much!
Later in the day, I realized there were no photos of me from the big day, so I struck an appropriate pose for the day while in Nordstrom...

(another iphone photo)

Now, my wrap up on on the official events:

Here are my Top 10 Favorite Moments of the Day~in no particular order:

(1) The Dress.  Divine, Divine, Divine!  The lace!  The box pleats on the skirt!  Love, Love Love.  We not only bow to Her Majesty, The Queen today, but we also bow down to you Ms. Sarah Burton of The House of McQueen.

(2) William & Harry.  They both looked so handsome and regal.  I adore that you can see the love between the brothers, and that Harry was truly supporting William on his big day.

(3) The Bridal Party~  Loved Phillipa's dress.  What a skinny minnie!  Loved the girls' dresses and that their names had been embroidered on the inside of the dresses.  Love the boys' little uniforms that matched William's. 

(4) "You Look Beautiful"~ Prince William to Catherine.  I tear up just writing it.   Blows "You had me at hello" out of the water!

(5) God Save the Queen-  I Love God Save the Queen.  Should a citizen of the U.S. know the words to God Save the Queen?  Well I do.  I love it!  I kind up tear up about this too!  
God save our gracious Queen.
Long live our noble Queen.
God save The Queen.
Send her victorious,
happy and glorious,
long to reign over us:
God save The Queen.

(6) The crowd orderly fills in on the Mall after the carriages have passed, and then Catherine says "Oh, Wow!" as she walks out and catches her first glimpse of said crowd.
The Royal's View
(7) The double kiss.  One more than we hoped for! #2 was better than #1!

(8) The "Just Married" drive to Clarence House

(9) That Catherine said "I'm So Happy" to William as soon as they were seated in the carriage...

(10) The Weather!  Though heavy rain was predicted, it was perfect.  I read a report that said the sun came out as soon as Catherine entered the Abbey!

Honorable Mention as an enjoyable moment:  David Beckham.  Lord, we all give thanks for the glorious David Beckham. Amen.

The Dislikes or Disappointments of the Day:

(1) & (2) Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.  Why, oh, why girls?!?!  I believe the term "God Awful" was invented for these looks...

(3) The bouquet.  Why was it so teeny tiny?  It was too small!  Just too darn small!

(4) Chelsy Davy~  I did not like her look for the day.  None of us at my party were Chelsy fans.  I think she has a piggy nose, and Lisa thinks she looks like a "dancer".  If she makes Harry happy, then I guess she's okay, but we are hoping she isn't his true love.
(5) Dear Samantha Cameron:  Where is your hat?  You may be the Prime Minister's wife, but who in the heck do you think you are?  How dare you snub your nose at the dress code?
All photos of the wedding came from The Daily Mail.  I wasn't able to attend, as I had a party to host!

I really loved it all.  What a great day!  Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Earl & Countess of Strathearn, Baron & Baroness Carrickfergus! 


Abby said...

Loved your party! So love the tiara addition! Such a fun party! Jealous!

Loved the dress, love Kate! Love love loved it! I liked kate's moms dress..some thought it was boring but I thought it was nice. Loved the queen!

Loved Harry and William together surely Harry won't end up with her!

What is wrong with Andrews girls? Not very cute anyway and then they dress terrible they need to fire their stylist!

Ann said...

Loved the party! What fun!! So sad that it didn't work out that I could come. But, I was glad to text you along the way.

I LOVED Kate's dress too. She looked stunning. Loved her reception dress too. But, she is gorgeous and skinny, so she would look good in anything.

What a fun day! Beatrice and Euginie looked absurd. How did they get out of the palace without someone telling them they needed to change.

And- love the picture of you in the hat. I wished this morning I had one to wear in my living room. :)

Anonymous said...

You did a great job with the party. Thanks again for hosting.

Debralyn said...

I wish I was your friend, love your party items. My husband finally got up with me. I think he felt sorry for me b/c I had no one interested to come over and watch with me.
I agree with your top ten and your list of misses.
Andrews girls? geez
It was so nice to watch something on TV that was happy, romantic, and real life.

courtney said...

I love your early morning party! Loved all of the special touches and especially that you had copies of the official program! I agreed with most of your likes/dislikes, but I'm going to save some commentary for my blog! ;)


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