Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Favorite Sale

I've been anxiously awaiting the mail on a daily basis for about a week now.  I knew any day something exciting was coming, and it finally came on Monday...

I flipped through it immediately.  In addition to the catalog, I was provided with a secret code that allowed me to log onto the website and look at everything that is going to be on sale.  I called Lisa to report that the sale was near.  Here's our conversation:

Me:  There are several things that I think I might have to request for my birthday or Christmas.
Lisa:  Well you know your Mom likes to get her shopping done early.
Me:  It's just so exciting, it's one of my favorite holidays
Lisa: What? Your birthday?
Me: No!  Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!
Lisa:  Is that a holiday now?

I plan to get the necessities:  I always get my year's supply of Spanx.  I also need some new bras.  Not exciting, but it is great that my bras are $26 cheaper on the sale than any other time of year.

Non-necessities on my list may include:

Uggs.  I think these are so cute, and I didn't buy any new Uggs last year! 

Barefoot Dreams wrap.  I have always longed to have their robe (which is on sale too BTW), but I don't really like robes.  I do think I'd use this wrap though.

I was happy to see that it appears riding boots and leggings are still in style for fall, but I'm a little unnerved by the fact that it appears we are going back to the "grunge" era...lace up military style boots, etc.  I mean, isn't it a little soon for that look to come back?  It was just the 90's like, yesterday, right?  Plus, I don't really think that was a good look that needs to be comin' around again. 


Abby said...

Love it! What day does it start?

Rebeka said...

I'm the exact same way. I look forward to the anniversary sale all year long! I've got some of my favorite clothes/shoes from that sale, and since it's a Seattle based company it's basically like I'm supporting the local Seattle economy, right? Right. Haha!

Ann said...

I don't suppose this sale will still be going on when I come to visit you?


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