Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Tale of Two Bathrooms

You may recall that I've mentioned my parents' were remodeling their bathrooms.  Such talk started back in November, but they live in a small town where there is basically only one contractor who you get to do anything, so they got in line behind some pretty big projects and the contruction didn't really get started until about April.  Then said "1 month" project turned into a bit longer, so I only got to end up seeing both completed rooms this weekend.

These bathrooms were pretty grody when we bought the house when I was in 3rd grade.  Then around 6th grade, they were gutted and remodeled, but the floorplan stayed the same.  Style of the "new" bathrooms:  Country.  Rust & Navy in one, Pink & Baby Blue in the other.  I can still see that "country" wallpaper with pink hearts on it that Mom hung in my bathroom that I shared with Dad.  Anyway, over the years, Dad received a reprieve from the pink hearts when Mom re-wallpapered his bathroom, and Mom re-wallpapered her's a couple of different times when she got new bedding and painted her cabinets white.

This year the remodel was a little more involved.  They decided to lose one of the closets in their bedroom so that the 1950's bathrooms could get a little larger than those mid-20th century folks thought was necessary.  The result is really fantastic and not just in the bathrooms, but in Mom & Dad's bedroom too.

The Hall Bath (aka: Dad's) Before:

View from the door
We had that medicine cabinet (that you can just barely see above on the left) built.  We had an electrical plug put inside so that Dad's electric toothbrush, etc. can be there and plugged in without unsightly cords going everywhere.
The closet in the bedroom was divided between both bathrooms and provided a new area for the toilets...
This windowless bathroom necessitated photography skills that exceeded mine. So you don't have the best lighting and color represenation going on here!
I think Mom was happy to have a better place to hang Dad's Stockyard picture

This is behind the door if the door is open because it's between the shower and the door.
If you are at the toilet, it's straight ahead of you.

The Master Bath (aka: Mom's) Before:


A new & bigger window was part of the remodel...
The other part of the converted closet...

Master Bedroom Before:


Because the old bathroom door was covered over and the new one was moved over, the dresser was ablet to move down , which created a bit more room on that side of the bed...
New closet doors were added here.  The inside was completely re-done and my Dad took over this closet (but I forgot to take photos)...
New doors were added to the entire house.  They look great, but as you can see they haven't all been painted yet.  The plan is to spray them...when it isn't 100' outside. 
The bathroom door was moved over and is now a pocket door...


Emily said...

Wow, looks wonderful! Now did you all do the work? I know the electrical was done by someone else...but I am impressed if you all did the rest. Oh and may be sending you to my place soon. Ha

Kara said...

Ummm, NO! I did do a small bit of demolition in mom's bathroom. Everything else was contractors except the painting which mom & dad did.

Ann said...

It looks great. I love the changes. Makes me want to work on my house!!

Anonymous said...

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