Monday, July 25, 2011

A Heatwave & my garden

It's been  quite the summer... HOT & DRY.  It is so depressing to watch the weather portion of the news this time of year in Texas.  The only thing to watch for is to find out how much over 100' the temps will be.

I tried to plant things this spring that I thought could take the Texas heat, but I had no idea they would be put to this kind of test.  Surprisingly, they are holding up pretty well.  Of course, my water bill is quite high too!

I know most of you could care less about this, but I'm blogging these pictures for my own benefit.  This way, I can look back next year and see what did well, when it comes time to plant again.

I love that it seems the hotter it gets, the better the Hibiscus do!
Of course, they need full sun, which is why I cannot plant them most places in my garden.
I love that they are a little bit of tropical in my world everyday!
I think I've found what works best in this large planter...coleus, perilla magilla & sweet potato vines
The gerber daisies are still hanging in there too...
Geraniums, even maverick geraniums, just can't seem to hang this time of year.
But Angelonia has been my surprise hit of the year (thanks for the tip Mom).
I've also had good luck with the wave petunias, and of course, you can't keep the sweet potato vines down.
In front, I've had luck with SP vines, and the coleus are doing so-so.  But the perilla magillas are yet again super stars.
I'm happy to have found a place or two where Dragon Wing Begonias are happy...
I love their exotic looking blooms...
But I need to remember that I'm not near as fond of the Angel Wing Begonias.

Hope you, your pets, and your plants are holding up in this heat (and that seems to cover just about everywhere right now, except the west coast)!



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