Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A prOject on the horizon

There is a prOject on the horizon (see, I typed that out so that you would say prOject in your head just as if Sarah Richardson herself was saying it with her Toronto-Canadian accent instead of my American accent).

The prOject will take place in my master bedroom and bath.  The bedroom is NOT in for a major overhaul, thank the Lord.  I'm still happy with all that I did back a year and a half ago, but there have been a couple of things that I thought needed a tweak and so I brought in an interior decorator to tell me whether or not some of my ideas were crazy or a must-do prOject. 

The bathroom, well, that's another story.  It's in for as big an overhaul as I can tackle on my own.  I'd still love to tear out the shower and start over, but that's not in my budget right now.

I'm sharing some before pics of both rooms. 

Can you figure out from the angle of the photos, what's in store for the bedroom?

(ignore the's part of the ugly truth that is summer in Texas)

Kathleen, the decorator, suggested switching this mirror from horizontal to vertical, which was exactly the answer.  Of course, it is just sitting there right now, but it will be hung up eventually.  We are both on the look out for some sconces to go on each side.  This picture that I took down is getting a new home in the bathroom...
These aren't true before photos.
As you might spy, there are some paint swatches painted up on the wall...
and you might catch a glimpse of my recent "mirror prOject"...
Anyone want to come for a painting party?


Ann said...

So excited to see the completed projects and your paint colors. I love to play Sarah Richardson, so just let me know when you decide to paint and I'll see if I can make it!


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