Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Random Post

Lots of Random thoughts today...

(1) It seems the majority of the country is now under the same heat wave we've been under for a while now.  I can't decide if I'm happy that so many people are now as miserable as I am, or if I'm peeved that I cannot complain about it now because everyone else is dealing with the same thing.

(2) I'm still obsessed with Will & Kate.  You didn't think it would end with my party did you?  I saw this item in Target this past weekend. 

Only $5.99!  I didn't get it, but I kinda wanted to.  I may have to request this for my birthday or Christmas.

I love that W&K do such normal things.  Did you hear that they went on a date night this weekend and he let her pick the movie, so they saw Bridesmaids.  I also heard that when they were in Hollywood they told some people that they loved the series Downton Abbey and couldn't wait for it to return to tv.  I love that they sit at home after he's had a day of flying helicopters watching the telly.  Which leads me to my next random item...

(3) Downton Abbey. 

I bought the series on my Apple TV this past weekend and could not stop watching it.  It's so good.  If you are in to these sort of shows, of course.  I realize that it is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, if you will.  I have two episodes left to watch and I'm trying to hold off because...

(4) I think I might want to watch them on the plane on my upcoming trip.  Yes, apparently I have become one of those people who have to watch something while on the plane!  Ugh!  When did this happen?  I mean, I am a reader y'all.  I think that I like that the time passes more quickly and people don't try to talk to you if you are watching a show on your phone ('cause you know I'm not fancy enough to have an ipad).  I really don't like it when people go to buggin' you on the plane...or anywhere for that matter.

(5) I hate little planes.  I'm going to have to fly on an American Eagle plane on the aforementioned upcoming trip.  Yuck.

(6) All of my Nordstrom purchases have come in and everything fits and is as it should be.  The brown pants really do have black patches just like I had hoped.  The Barefoot Dreams wrap is nice and loose and comfy, so I cannot imagine that I would have wanted a smaller size.

(7) Remember this shirt I bought?

Well it wasn't part of the sale.  I really liked it and I often have trouble buying tops that fit, so I decided to suck it up and pay full price.  Well today, I happened to be online and noticed that this shirt was now on sale.  So I made a little trip over to Nordstrom and got a price adjustment and got $30 back! 

(8) Happy Thursday!  The work week is almost over!



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