Monday, August 15, 2011

Collegiate Pumpkins

I made a trip to the Hobby Lobby last week.  I was looking for some sconces, which I didn't locate, but I did enjoy taking in all the Fall and Christmas stuff that they have out. 

Now I know some people like to complain and say "They have CHRISTMAS out already!", but y'all, sometimes it is seeing this Christmas display in August that keeps me from jumping off the roof because I am so sick and stinking tired of the 110 degree days!  It gives me hope that cooler weather is around the corner.

Look what Hobby Lobby has this year...

Of course they had to jack up the price on these guys, but at least they were 50% off.  I could not resist and am now the proud owner of a double T pumpkin.


Legally Lovely said...

Ooooh, I am just like you - I love any reminder of cooler weather! Now that school has started, I am ready for some cooler, fall weather and these pumpkins get me PUMPED UP!! :)

Cortni said...

Tomorrow I shall be the proud owner of 2 Longhorn pumpkins!!! Thanks for the post!!

Samantha said...

Who knew OU and orange could look so cute together?

Ann said...

I will need a double T pumpkin as well!

I've already been looking at the Christmas decorations. Love it!!

JEF said...

Hmmm I betting I cannot get a Texas A&M one of these in NC. Sucky. I am sure I could be the proud owner of a Duke Devils or a UNC one. Booooo.


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