Monday, August 8, 2011

Crazy, Stupid...

Crazy, Stupid... Weather. That's what I feel like writing about. That's all I've felt like writing complaining about for 37 dang days in a row that it has been over a hundred. It's Hot, hot, hot. It's miserable. We're melting. It hasn't rained in over a month of Sundays. But I'll spare you anymore of that.

This weekend I went to do one of the few things that you can do right now in Texas. I saw a movie. I saw Crazy Stupid Love.

I saw a preview several months ago and thought that it looked like a good movie. If you haven't see it, here's the trailer...

I thought it was pretty good and it's got a great ensemble cast. I'd recommend it if you are like me, and need something to do to get out of the heat, and that and ice skating at the mall are the only two cool alternatives you can think of. Also a good choice if you live somewhere with a more pleasant climate and you just go see a movie to see a movie.


courtney said...

i saw that yesterday, too. i liked it--didn't love it, but it was entertaining.

i saw Horrible Bosses today. it was dark and crass, but i love jason bateman.


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