Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally Friday

Finally it's Friday!  Is everyone as excited as I am?  I'm weary because it's been so busy, but I'm also in a state of panic because next week is uber busy!  Oh well, first I have a couple of days off with no plans, so resting  up is the forecast!

Last night I had plans for the 4th night in a row.  I normally have zero plans, but everything fell to this week.  Isn't it always that way?  Last night was more in line with Monday night in that I got to do something fun instead of attend meetings.  My friend Daryl was in town from San Francisco this week and it has been several years since I have seen him. 

He has been enjoying all the "local" eating establishments that they don't have out in San Fran.  He mentioned Wataburger and some BBQ as some cravings that he's fulfilled, but last night he wanted Chuy's and I was happy to oblige!

My standard Chuy's dish...

Chica chic boom boom enchiladas

These guys are super spicy, but oh so delish!

Here's Daryl ready to plow into his Chuy-changa...

After dinner, I gave him a tour of McKinney, because it's changed so much since he moved from here back in 2004.  We also had "fun" looking and comparing was 40 degrees hotter here than in San Fran at 7:30 last night.  Hmmm....I'm thinking that our next visit needs to be in San Francisco.

Sorry all iphone pics, but at least I remembered this time!


Abby said...

Chick-a-chick-a YUM!!


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