Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Help

Yesterday was a bear of a day for me. I mean when you are eating a peanut butter & jelly sandwich in your car on the way to the jail, you know you are having a day! Part of the rushing around was because I was going to the 3:40 showing of The Help.

As I've mentioned to everyone I know, I LOVED the book The Help, which to be honest, meant that going to see the movie scared the daylights out of me.  I have never LOVED a book and also LOVED the movie.  It just doesn't really happen.  Well, maybe To Kill A Mockingbird & Gone With The Wind, but that's about it.  But Nate Berkus, who is one of the Executive Producers of The Help, had promised several months ago (via twitter) that this movie wouldn't disappoint the book lovers.

So I went to the movie, and y'all, I wasn't disappointed.  I loved it as much as I loved the book.  They did change a few small things, but it didn't really alter the substance. 

The cast was phenomenal.  Just phenomenal!  I'm calling for a SAG ensemble cast award and some Golden Globe and Oscar nominations right now!

Sissy Spacek played Mrs. Walters.  One of the standouts of this movie.
Octavia Spencer played Minny Jackson and was a shining star to this movie.
Viola Davis was Aibileen Clark.  She was just perfect as Aibileen.
Bryce Dallas Howard portrayed Hilly Holbrook to perfection.    
Allison Janney was Charlotte Phelan (pictured here with Emma Stone playing lead character Skeeter Phelan).  I've loved Allison Janney since she portrayed CJ Craig in The West Wing and she didn't disappoint me here!
The last really stand-out character, in my opinion, was Jessica Chastain who played Celia Foote.  I read she gained 15 pounds for this role by drinking melted soy ice cream (yuck!), but dang the!
Go see The Help.  You won't be disappointed.  I think I need to go again to absorb it all.

Oh!  If you go, take a look at the sconces hanging over Hilly's couch in the scene where Yule Mae is cleaning behind the sofa.  They are shown ever so quickly, but they are exactly what I'm looking for to complete my bedroom.  I gasped in fact!  (Lisa looked at me like I was crazy, but I whispered Those are the sconces I need for my bedroom!).  So look and then tell me if you've seen any like this for sale.


Abby said...

I am so glad you didn't hate it. I hadn't decided if I was going to see it or not, now I'm going on Saturday!!

Ann said...

I'm going to see it this weekend as well!! LOVE that you noticed the sconces. Sarah and Tommy would be proud!


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