Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I'm not at all a fan of summer on a normal year.  Then a summer rolls around like this one, where today is the 31st consecutive day of triple digit heat and every day in the 10 day forecast shows to continue this trend, and then, well, I hate summer's guts.

Summer has a few redeeming qualities for me:

I like that I normally have a little break from teaching;

I like that snowcones are everywhere; and

I like the fresh summer produce

Last weekend, when I met my parents to do the post-vacation Lola exchange, I received some of summer's redeeming qualities... pickled stuff.

My parents pickled all sorts of stuff, except the normal thing you'd pickle, cucumbers. 
We're weird like that. 
We have carrots (man these guys are SPICY, but oh so good)
Okra, oh how I love thee...
And the weirdest of all, green beans (also yu-mmy)

Oh how I long for Fall!  Or temps at 95'!


Legally Lovely said...

Ya'll do can some interesting veggies! We normally just can our green beans, but those and the carrots look good pickled! You should post recipes! :) And, I hear you - I am ready for some fall weather!

Emily said...

ooooh, I'm with you on sno cones! My grandma cans a lot of veggies for us, and she does pickle cucumbers...but I just might suggest some of these ideas to her--they sound delish :) Hope you survive the heat wave!


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