Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bathroom Decor

I'm still working on my bathroom.  This is what I had intended to blog about earlier this week before my schedule went all haywire. 

When I went to Canton Trade Days last month, I bought something to sit on the ledge by my bathtub.  I actually bought it at a store, not at the trade days.  Then I lived with it for almost a month and decided that it wasn't right.  I had to return within 30 days of the purchase, so I had to run to Canton last weekend.  I was super sad because the Trade Days weren't until this weekend, but what could I do. 

Here is a photo I took in store...

The little statue guy was what I was returning.  The lantern was what I purchased instead.

Here it is in my bathroom (it still needs more candles)...

I think that the very large scale is just what that spot needed to balance out a larger window and my huge tub.

I also bought a new basket (at Hobby Lobby).  I think that the gray tones look good with my newly painted  bathroom vanity. 

I'm hoping to get the holes drilled for the cabinet hardware this weekend.  Fingers crossed.


Legally Lovely said...

Your bathroom is going to turn into an oasis of girlyness! I love it! And, I really like the lantern there; I imagine it works better than the figure. Good eye!

Ann said...

Love your work!! Can't wait for you to get to Lubbock so we can play Sarah a little more!


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