Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards start stressing me out in August.  No kidding.  Well, maybe I'm kidding.  It might actually start stressing me out in July!  Luckily, I have a friend who is the same way, so we keep each other company with our Christmas Card drama.

My card style has evolved over the years.  I've done various things, but I always like to include photos.  No matter what I've done in the past, it has always ended up costing way more than I intended at the beginning of the process. 

This year, I jumped on my co-crazy christmas card friend's bandwagon and decided to purchase a card template on Etsy and photoshop it to include my message and photos.  Problem was, I never found a card that just screamed my name, and I will not accept anything less than something that screams "me". 

In September, a new vendor opened a store on Etsy and had really cute designs.  Here are some of the cute cards that Casala Studio offers:

She even has some adorable Birth Announcements...

Anyway, I though that these designs were super cute, and while some "shouted" at me, none of them "screamed" at me.  So on Saturday night, I contacted her and asked if she could modify one of the cards so that it had "me" written all over it.  She said that she could and not only that, but she customized the whole card for me so that I didn't even have to mess with photoshop!  She has very reasonable prices and is very quick. 

Note:  This is in no way a paid advertisement, I was just really impresses with her quality, flexibility, creativity, price, speed and patience!

I got her all the information on Sunday and she got the completed images back to me on Sunday night.  On Monday, I uploaded the cards and placed an order with a professional photo lab I had signed up with, and would you believe that the cards will be in my hands tomorrow!

Of course, I'm not going to share my cards with you right now (I will in December).  You'll have to believe me for now that they are so cute and another bonus...the whole process combined, they will be the least expensive cards I've purchased in forever!


Rebeka said...

Yay! That's so awesome. I wish I were that motivated. I always intend to send out cards but then wait until the last minute and don't. WHOOPS!

Emily said...

Oh you and Abby make me crazy about this! I mean we are just getting our "pictures" taken this could I already have a card made without them! HA But glad your pleases...and can't wait to see it


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