Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fall TV Update

I wrote about my tv watching plans in September. I stated that I had no intentions to pick up any new shows, but the best laid plans...

I started watching two new shows. Both air on Sunday nights. They are Homeland on Showtime & Pan Am on ABC.

Homeland is so good, but it scares the bejesus out of me on a weekly basis.  Here is a description of the show "Centers on Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody, who returns home eight years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson, a driven (and possibly unstable) CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America."

Pan Am is not heavy drama tv, but fun and light.  I've found it to be very enjoyable.

I have dumped a few shows without really intending to. I just have not been into The Amazing Race this season. I have also dumped Desperate Housewives. I had several episodes of DH on my DVR & realized that I just didn't care to watch them.

Other shows I'm loving this season are:
Parenthood (NBC)--great show.  Love the cast, plus I get to still see Lorelai Gilmore on a weekly basis!
Boardwalk Empire (HBO) even though it has been really gruesome the past couple of weeks

Blue Bloods (CBS)--probably in large part because I love Tom Selleck.  Have I ever told you that when I attended at taping on "The View" back in 2005, he was the guest?!?

The Good Wife (CBS)--it's been really good this season, plus I love Julianna Marguiles & Chris Noth (the other actors are great too).

I'm also looking forward to some "new" shows starting up in the next couple of months.  At the end of November, "The Closer" will pick back up on TNT for 6 episodes.  Of course, I cannot hardly stand the wait until January when "Downton Abbey" starts back.  PBS has a countdown clock going... 61 days, 11 hours 20 minutes until the premier!  Finally, I think that ABC's "Good Christian Belles" might be good (Formerly known as "Good Christian Bitches" until it made too many people pissy).

What about you guys? What are you loving on TV this Fall?



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