Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving?

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.  Mine was okay.  I'm not going to give it any higher marks than just okay.  Here's a wrap up of my Thanksgiving (note: it is going to sound an awful lot like complaining, but really, it's just the facts folks).

On Monday, I was trying to get things wrapped up so I could go home on Wednesday.  My mom's birthday is mid-December, so I wanted to get her birthday present and bring it home, so I wouldn't have to ship it.  I went over to Neiman's, got her present, and then on the way home, BAM! I got sick.  I thought it was allergies, and maybe it is, but I have felt like total crap-ola ever since. 

Tuesday was kind of a blur.  I had morning class and night class.  I lost my voice while lecturing in each.  I still felt bad, so I prepared nothing for my trip home.

Wednesday morning I got up, did some packing and was about to wrap my Mom's present when I got a phone call that my grandfather was on the way to the hospital via ambulance because they thought he was having a stroke.  So I finished packing up and loaded the car and headed out of town.  I stopped at my parents' house to drop off Lola and then I went to the hospital.  They think it was a TMA (mini stroke).  It affected his speech, but that is slowly getting better.  They kept him overnight, and now he has to follow-up with a neurologist because it is apparently a precursor to more strokes.

Wednesday night we had a fish fry at my other grandmother's house.  Thankfully I remember to bring the slaw that I made (because I forgot several other things in the rush).

Thursday morning was an early morning because Mom and I had lots of cooking to do.  The funniest part was that I got confused about the turkey and prepared the bottom of the turkey as if it was the turkey breast!  I only discovered when it was about to go in the oven and had to re-do the whole thing.  I'm not sure if it was a blonde moment or the mucinex I am living on right now.

Also on Thursday's list of misadventures is this little heart warming story:  I hadn't even gotten up from the dinner table yet.  My Dad came in and said, "You need to go home and take care of your dog.  She needs a bath and I've locked her outside."  Side note:  I didn't even know my Dad had left my grandmother's and gone home, so I was confused for a minute here.  It seems that sweet little princess Lola had drug one side of her head and beard through Milly's dog poop.  Yes, she was sh*t-faced and I do not mean drunk!  I cannot imagine what possessed her, but I had to put her in their garage sink and proceeded to do what Lola would testify to (if she could speak English) as "waterboarding". 

After all that, I never even felt like eating a piece of pie yesterday!  I did bring a piece of the pie my mom had made per my request home and have eaten a bite of it so far.

I came home last night.  I didn't do any shopping today, but I did go to Target and get 2 fresh turkeys.  They needed to be frozen or cooked by tomorrow, so they were major cheap...$3.25 each for 13.5 lb turkeys.  I put one in the freezer and cooked the other one this afternoon.  Yes, my second turkey in 2 days.  I didn't get any leftovers off the 21 lb one yesterday, so I plan to make paninis and a turkey-noodle casserole that my grandma makes.

I felt so poorly all weekend that I didn't snap one dang picture.  Here's a iphone picture of Turkey #2:

Oh, and at least I managed to purchase the one item on my Black Friday shopping list.  Yes, I cheated a bit.  I had gone to Sam's Club on Monday and they handed me a flyer which contained some of the Friday sales.  In it was a TV that I have been wanting for my bedroom for about $175 cheaper than the normal price.  Thursday morning while the turkey was baking and I was waiting to do everything else, I got online and found that I could purchase it on their website and they had free shipping!  No 5 a.m. lines required! 

So here I am on Friday night.  Still feeling puny.  Having a ton of stuff to do and no energy or desire to do it.  I do not even have the slightest desire to put up any of my Christmas stuff, which if you know me, just might be a sign of the Apocalypse.

Hoping you had a great Thanksgiving though!


Rebeka said...

Ohh I'm so sorry your Thanksgiving was so shitty (pun intended).
I hope everything is alright with your Grandpa and that his health continues to improve.
Also, girl, eat that pie! It'll make you feel better :)
AND two turkeys in two days sounds perfect! You can never have enough leftovers! Enjoy and feel better!

Legally Lovely said...

Sheesh - you ran into some bad luck this week! So sorry to hear that your Thanksgiving did not go so smoothly, but at least you have a brand new television to look forward to! I agree with Rebeka - eat some pie! I bet some turkey soup would be good too! Hope you feel better soon.

JEF said...

Sorry Thanksgiving was kind of crappy. Ours was just ok as well. Feel better soon.

courtney said...

boooooo to sickness over the holidays!! sorry you feel puny--hope you feel better soon! and, thank goodness for online shopping--your thanksgiving could have REALLY been ruined!! ;)


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