Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lola at play

Last week, my Mom was in town.  We were shopping at Target and walking down the hair product aisle.  I stopped and said, "I need some new hair-bands.  Lord knows what has happened to all of mine.  They are probably piled in my nightstand drawer or something.".  To which my Mom replied, "Or Lola happened to them."

You see, even though Lola has nearly every dog toy (and many human toys) manufactured, one of her favorite things to play with are my hair rubber bands.  This evening I was laying on my bed reading news on the ipad, when she found one on the floor and started playing her little heart out.  I decided to film her on the ipad.  Keep in mind she had been doing this for a good 5 minutes before I started recording her.  She likes to fling it around and then try to find it.  Sometimes she likes to grip it with her teeth and stretch it out with her paws.  She's such a silly, but cute little pup!


Emily said...

Love it...that is so stinking cute! I love when pups can entertain themselves.


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