Monday, January 2, 2012

This is SO last year...

This post is SO last year, but this is what I did the last week of 2011!

I'm a little bit bummed because I've had only two days off for the holidays.  I was off on the 26th and then today.  The other days weren't too bad, but I had Juvenile Detention hearings Tuesday through Friday last week, so that took up all of the mornings.  I would take tomorrow off, but another attorney scheduled some hearings for me to attend at 9 a.m. on a Guardianship. Boo!

Back to last week~ I was trying to take it easy due to my Christmas Eve knee and ankle sprain.  I think that it has paid off.  They aren't back to 100% (well, it's my bum "2 screws" ankle, so it's not back to it's normal 75%), but they are better than they were last week.  Part of my taking it easy involved quite the movie-palooza.  I went to see The Descendants (soooo good!  Pulling for Clooney for the Oscar!) on Friday at the theatre, but everything else has been on my Apple TV.  Using my itunes gift cards I got for Christmas, I have now seen:
Our Idiot Brother ~Loved.  Funny & heart warming, plus there is a dog named Willie Nelson!  Hello- my first dog was named Willie after Willie Nelson! 
Bridesmaids ~ Did not love.  This may be odd, but I thought it was really sad.  Maybe I'm not the right audience though.  Did love Melissa McCarthy though!
Friends with Benefits ~ cute
The Change Up ~ eehh... I do love Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman, so at least there was that.

I also read Madame Toussaud.  It's a novel, but fairly historically accurate.  Very interesting if you like that kind of stuff.

Did I mention that in the middle of last week my left eye started hurting.  It hurt pretty badly and was swollen, so I went to the eye doctor.  I didn't want to get caught in a holiday weekend with an infected eye.  He didn't know what was wrong but thought some $135 eye drops for 3 days would cure it.  Ha!  I called back from the pharmacy and said "Try again!".  I got a cheaper steroid drop that he then called in, but it didn't appear to do much.  Then several days later I came to the conclusion that I had a stye.  Have I mentioned that I'm cursed?  Although technically all of that came about in 2011, so I'm still holding out good thoughts for 2012!

I did a little delayed post Christmas shopping.  I got several things which I want to use in a Valentine's Day project or two (so I'll update you later on those things).  I also got some Christmas stuff to use next year.

I went to Calloway's Garden Center and got some of these metal art things.  I had seen them at Canton originally, then saw that Calloway's had them and by the time I remembered to go back, they didn't have much left, but what they had was 75% off.  75% off makes me much less discerning shopper!  So instead of $20 each, I got these for $4.99 each!

I also went to a couple of Paper Affairs and got these curly girl napkins...
(bad pic from internet)
Two reasons I got this:  (1) white dog & (2) do you see the initial on the dog's stocking? The letter L!  As in Lola!
I also got these Caspari napkins...

At Sample House I got a new flag for my backyard...
At Market Street, I got Lola a new ornament...

At Target I got these felt ornaments (purpose unknown at this time, but I have a couple of thoughts)...

and some new kitchen towels...

Finally, I got these two necklaces yesterday at Dillard's additional 50% off sale for $8 each!
(sorry bad iphone pic)

What about you guys?  What have you been up to?
Seen any movies?  Read any good books?  Had any luck at sales? 


Emily said...

Wow love your purchases! Wish I would have gone shopping...maybe next year! Hope your eye gets better! Oh and there are tons of movies I want to see but haven't made it out!

Emily said...

I'm totally gonna read that book, it looks right up my ally. I saw The Descendants too...loved it, but it was quite possibly the most depressing movie of my life. You got some great Christmas stuff, and love the necklaces :) ps-feel better Kara


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