Saturday, January 7, 2012

Where is Winter?

I know many people do not enjoy winter.  I am not one of those people.  I love cold weather.  I love grey days.  I love snow.  I love wearing coats and scarves.  I love wearing Uggs.  I love seeing my puppy in her polka dot sweater.  I love drinking hot chocolate, hot cider or hot tea without having to chase it with a glass of ice water.  So these 70 degree January days are just not up my alley. 

I'm trying with all my might to will the winter here.  I am all decorated and ready for it.

My front door

My front yard flag (hard to see but the snow flakes are blingy)

This new door banner is part of my post-Christmas shopping deals...

There's No Place Like Snow!

Again, hard to see, but it's glittery...

Back yard flag...

I guess even if winter eludes us here in North Texas this year, at least I'm decorated for it!


Mom said...

Love your decorations. I agree. I don't like 70 degree days in Jan.

Emily said...

Super cute. I too am with you on the cold! However I would like the cold to hold off till um after Jan 20th. That way we don't have to bring the baby home in freezing cold weather! Ha ha. But I am hating the 70 degrees because it's too freaking hot! So here's to nice 45-50 degree days. :-)


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