Friday, February 17, 2012


Today my little love, Lola, turns seven!

Where has the time gone?

This is baby Lola...all 3 lbs. of her!
She was all ears and feet
To Celebrate Seven here are seven things I love about Lola:

(1) Her itty bitty tail wags so hard, her whole butt wags too.
(2) She talks (it's different than her bark).
(3) Her day isn't made until she has snuggled on my bed before she goes to sleep in her kennel.
(4) She loves her toys and plays with ALL of them.
(5) When she is sleeping, she smells like corn chips.
(6) Her pretty brown eyes and long white eyelashes.
(7) How happy she is to see me when I get home, even if I've only gone to take the trash out!

Of course there are a million other things I love about my pup!

Happy 7th Birthday Lola!


JEF said...

Happy Birthday Lola !!!

Mom said...

Happy belated B-Day to the best Grand-dog ever!


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