Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A coffee table update...

I posted a couple of months ago about decorating my coffee table.  I had put a terrarium of succulents in the middle of the table and I thought I should update you all and let you know that I have given up on them.  I replaced several of them and still couldn't figure out how to make the dang things live!  Was it too much water?  Not enough?  Bad drainage?  Who knows!  So I threw in the towel and went to Hobby Lobby and got some fake ferns for 1/2 off.

I know there is a big push in decorating to not do fake, but at $5 a pop for the succulents, I just quickly realized this was going to be an expensive proposition over time.  While I'm breaking the fake rule, I think these look fairly realistic. 

I actually break the fake rule often.  In the fall, I primarily use fake gourds and pumpkins in my decorating.  I've seen that people have pinned some things on Pinterest from my fall decorating blog posts and say "Great idea, but with real gourds". 

I couldn't agree more.  Real looks best, but when you want to use them for a couple of months and you live where it's likely still summer-like come October and November, real isn't always realistic.  You will start to smell something, or see very fuzzy pumpkins about half way through the season.  So you do what you have to do.  Break some of the decorating rules.  In my opinion, you should just do what works for you.

I also bought a pillow a couple of weeks ago at World Market.  I've been wanting a union jack pillow forever.  Usually they are pricey. This was was pretty cheap.  I like the way it looks, but I'm not loving the burlap material...can you say itchy?  I think it may have convinced me to spend a little more on a different one in the future though.  It makes me happy!


Abby said...

Love all the blogging...makes my day so happy!! I think your flowers (from yesterday) look fabulous. I have already lost half of mine and will lose more if I don't go water them right now.

Succulents--suck? Hmmm...who knew. Glad you tried that one out before me.


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