Thursday, June 14, 2012

Did you watch?

I've always totally cracked up at my little cousins, because they always want to know if something is "appropriate" for them to watch.  Normally, it's because I think "of course it is, or I wouldn't show you!", but sometimes it's because what I'm showing them is something like "Little Women" and I think "oh, come on!".  I was so surprised when I wanted to show them "Grease" and was told it wasn't appropriate because people were smoking.  I mean, Rizzo thinks she is knocked up, and you think it's inappropriate because of the smoking?  Okie-dokie! 

I was not a kid watching Disney.  Of course, we didn't even have Disney channel when I was a kid, so maybe that was why.  My parents were definitely not the appropriate police.  My favorite movie was "Urban Cowboy", my favorite songs were "Whiskey River" by Willie Nelson and "Hot Stuff" by Donna Summer (RIP), and my favorite TV shows were "Days of our Lives" and "Dallas" with re-runs of "Three's Company" thrown in for good measure.  Now, maybe that isn't "appropriate" stuff for a kid, but I think I turned out just fine!

Which all brings me to my point...  DALLAS IS BACK ON TV Y'ALL!!!!

I've been so excited ever since it got the green light to start filming and it finally aired last night.  I rushed home from class so that I could watch it all.  I got a late start, but it was so worth it.  I loved every single minute!  Here's my thoughts:

(1) I got goose bumps when the theme music started.  I was comparing and contrasting (in my mind)the opening credits scenes of Dallas now vs. Dallas in the early 1980's.  So much change!

(2) I thought the characters had great progression.  Bobby was in exactly how you would have imagined Bobby being now in 2012.  JR, well, JR was just as villainous as ever.

(3) Gah!  Lucy looks O-L-D! 

(4) I think John Ross might be worse than JR!  Is that even possible?  Yep, he is accusing Miss Ellie of being incompetent when she made her will.  Nobody talks bad about Miss Ellie! 

(5) Sue Ellen might be running for governor of our Great State of Texas?  At first, I thought "Well, that's a stretch," but then I thought "Rick Perry" and realized it wasn't such a crazy idea after all! 

If you aren't watching you need to be.  It's even gotten pretty good reviews by people who aren't totally nutty about Dallas like I am.  So check it out.  Heck, even let your kids watch!  (kidding)


Emily said...

okay, so I didn't watch Dallas...but my parents did--so we watched last night. I have to tell you--I had more fun watching their reactions and listening to their commentary during commercials :) Hope you're having a fabulous Thursday!!! oxo

Abby said...

Funny...I don't know know what our kids rules are about watching tv. I think Emery self polices. She doesn't like shoot them up shows, she says she is only allowed to watch G movies (but neither Brian or I have ever told her that) and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know about the knocked up scene.

I watched everything too--no recollection of there being any rules. I'll have to tivo Dallas--I didn't watch it as a kid I think we were busy watching A-team.

Emily said...

Yeah I don't ever remember our parents telling us we could or couldn't watch tv shows or movies...

SO I just watched it..I was very into it and love how they have move the story line along. I too dislike John Ross....ahhh

Brook said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. I am loving Dallas. I remember watching with my parents back in the day. Like you, I can't believe what they let me watch but I didn't have a clue.


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