Monday, June 25, 2012

Eye Color

I saw something on Pinterest awhile ago and it surprised me... It said that only 2% of the world's population has green eyes.  I wondered if this could be true, so I did a little research. 
I learned several things while doing my research.  First, I discovered that green was indeed the rarest of eye colors, and in fact that 2% is pretty right on. Interestingly enough, the majority of those 2% are women.  I also learned that basically what we learned in school about genetics and eye color is completely wrong...If you learned it pre-2007, then it has all changed.  

Apparently many people with Green eyes are said to have Chameleon eyes, which means that their eyes appear to change color due to mood, weather, colors you are wearing, colors around you, lighting and temperature. 

I have green eyes, but I guess they are also chameleon eyes because sometimes people say they are blue.  I think what I'm wearing does have an impact on how they look.  Since all the genetic info we learned is wrong, I'm not really sure what + what = what anymore, but I know that my Mom has green eyes and my Dad has blue.  My green is different than her green, so maybe his blue had an influence in that.

So let's take an informal poll here. What color are your eyes?


Abby said...

Mine are blue, but I think Brian has cameleon green eyes. His sometimes look hazel but they definately look green when he wears green or has a green background. Brooks has the most exciting eyes at our house, he has blue eyes but the outside of his eyes are surronded by brown. I think the brown is encroaching on the blue but not sure.

Emily said...

I think mine are Hazel...that's what I put on my drivers liscense. However--when I wear dark colors my eyes get more brown...and when I get tan, sunburn, or cry--my eyes are bright green. Weird. This was a really cool post Kara! Happy Monday :)

courtney said...

mine are hazel. lots of green, but definitely some brown, too. i call me eye color "doo doo green". nice, huh? ;)

The Cooper Family said...

I was blue as a child, but now green. Matt's are green too. B's are now gray, after starting out as blue. K's are still blue, but maybe they will change???


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