Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Finale

This is my last post about the jubilee.  I promise.  Unless of course, something else I find exciting happens and then I will do another post.  It's my blog, I can do what I want that way.

So Monday night was the Jubilee concert and Tuesday was the Day of Thanksgiving service at St. Paul's Cathedral, lunch at Westminster, the main players riding in a carriage back to the palace and then the major royals took to the balcony and there were flyovers.

My DVR started working itself to death at 3:15 a.m. yesterday morning.  I just couldn't make it up that early.  This week has been incredibly busy on the legal front, plus summer school started, which means I'm teaching for 2 hours per night, 4 nights per week for the next 5 weeks.  Eek!  So I slept in like any sane person would, and have been playing catch-up on the activities when I had a second.

ABC got the exclusive rights to the Jubilee Concert and decided not to show it until last night.  It was ok.  They did quite the cut & paste edit job, so we missed lots of acts and some other moments too.  One of the favorite moments we missed was at the very end, before the last song, Sir Paul McCartney said he had a message from the Queen...  She wanted to tell everyone to be sure they left in an orderly fashion, or else she would have to unleash the corgies.  Now ABC, that was just funny!  Why cut that 15 seconds?  Thank god for youtube!

Here were my favorite moments of the concert:

The Archbishop of Canterbury
The lightshow
The fireworks

Here's why:

(1) The Archbishop of Canterbury was seated on the first row of the royal box, right next to the Princess Royal.  He was totally rocking out.  During Sir Paul, he even got so into it he was standing and grooving away.  I found this hysterical.  Possibly too hysterical.  Possibly I'm a nut job because I even know who the Archbishop is on sight without have to be prompted that that is who he is, but I digress...  Here is a photo of Rowan Williams, the A of C, just so you can picture him enjoying the rock concert...

(2) The lightshow.  The lightshow that they did with the Palace as the backdrop was phenomenal.  I think it was the star of the concert.  It was various things through the night... candles, the union jack, etc.  It really got awesome during this performance... (1980's flashback alert!)

* dang it!  my video keeps disappearing!  here is the youtube link instead*


(3) The fireworks.  They blew me away.  he he he!    But really, they knocked my freaking socks off.  Seriously, I have a feeling that the upcoming 4th of July fireworks everywhere are going to look pretty sad by comparison!

Here's the whole show (it's worth the watch folks)...

I thought it was a wonderful Diamond Jubilee. I can't wait for the Platinum Jubilee in 2022! God Save the Queen!


Legally Lovely said...

I really love how into the Royal Family you are and am glad I can always count on you for a good blog post about it! I tried to talk to my mom about what Catherine wore to the Jubilee, and she was all, "who? what jubilee?" and I was really disappointed that I didn't have anyone to fangirl with.

Watching all this makes me wish I had been there!!


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