Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How does my garden grow

How does my garden grow?  Here's an update.  I normally like to do this more for my own benefit, than thinking anyone really cares.  I like to post photos of my plants throughout the season, so I can go back next year and see what did well and what didn't.  In the Texas heat, so many things start out well in the spring, but once we hit the upper 90's or dreaded 100's on a daily basis, they give up the will to live.  Who could really blame them? 

Trying to plant for the heat is no easy task.  It's even made harder by the nurseries stocking items that will never make it here.  Plus did you know that the tags that are attached to the plants are not regionally specific tags?  So if it says full sun, chances are that means where it's 80 degrees full sun.  They won't stand a chance in the Texas full sun.  There are so many challenges to gardening in this climate. 

Here's a look at my back yard pots and planters...

This pot has a butterfly bush, sweet potato vines, impatients and wave petunias...

This planter has pink maverick geraniums, purple angelonias, purple double calibrachoa, and wave petunias.  This was looking really good until I got so busy last week, and missed some waterings.  The wave petunias got pretty stressed.  I'm not sure if they will make a comeback or not.
The kitchen window box has sweet potato vine, dragon wing begonias, double calibrachoa, wave petunias and caladiums.  I don't think it has ever done so well.
In the front yard, I have several pots.  They all include spikes, dragon wing begonias, wave petunias, caladiums, and sweet potato vines...

A couple of weeks ago I decided to hang a fern between my garage doors.  There is one hung on the other side of the house, so this kind of balances it out.

The knock out rose bushes I planted had bloomed initially and then did nothing.  They have finally started growing well and started blooming again.

I'm thankful that it looks like the rose bushes will do well in this front bed.  It's been so tricky.  Too much sun for shade things.  Not enough sun for sun things.  I finally took a leap and decided to try these rose bushes.  I hope they will continue to do well because they take such little maintenance and will be great color year in and year out without replanting!

The hydrangea flowers have really faded.  It's suppose to be an endless summer plant and bloom continuously, but we will just have to wait and see about that.



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