Monday, July 30, 2012

The Twitterverse

Let me shock some of you.  I've never been on facebook.  While I never say never, I'm betting there is a really good chance I won't ever be on facebook. 

I am on Twitter.  I love twitter.  There is no better way to stay informed on the worlds happenings, or celebrity gossip, or follow your favorite authors.  It's even fun to follow people who you "know" through blogging etc.  And then there are even the few people on twitter who you actually know in person (others of you may know lots of "real people" on twitter, but most my folks are on facebook, not twitter).

Anyway, twitter is a great outlet.  It's not like a blog, where you feel bad or neglectful if you haven't posted in awhile.  My tweeting seems to come in fits and starts.  Sometimes, I'll tweet a "celebrity".  Not in the, "Hey. Retweet me!" annoying kind of way that thousands of people do,  but if I generally have a response to one of their tweets.  Sometimes, I blow up everyone's time lines while tweeting big events. 

Generally, I don't really think that any celebrity is going to read my tweet.  I don't think how can I tweet to get more followers (in fact I generally block creepy looking people).  I just tweet to tweet.  Maybe it is because I live alone (well not alone, but only with a dog).  When I'm watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony, for example, I don't have anyone to make snarky comments to.  Instead of blowing up my friends' phones with text messages, I tweet. 

This past week was a big week on Twitter for me.  First, I tweeted Jennifer Weiner (one of my favorite authors).  She is going to be on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live tonight as the guest bartender.  She was tweeting about it, so I asked what cocktail she was making, and I got this reply...

I was super excited! 

Then on Friday, night, as I mentioned, I was blowing up my twitter with Opening Ceremonies.  I went to bed never intending anyone to talk about it again.  Then I wake up on Saturday morning, and low and behold, I have several new twitter followers from places like Scotland and The Maldives.  I thought it odd, then I ran across this tweet to me:

What?  Surely, this is a joke.  A scam.  Then I worried.  If it's true, which tweet was it?  Several of these crossed my mind...

But I clicked on the article and skimmed it quickly. 

I didn't see my name, or twitter name, at all.  I didn't see my name!  Relief rushed over me.  Then I read it again, this time to just actually read the article.  On the second read through, I saw it.  My tweet quoted in the article (3rd full paragraph)...

Ugh!  Seriously, I was kind of mortified!  Once I got over that, I've since found it kind of funny.

So let me be the cautionary tale:  Just remember folks, twitter is all fun and games, until CNN pulls your snarky tweet for an article!

and if you are on twitter, follow me and we can be twitter friends too!


Abby said...

So happy to have a famous friend! Love your tweets--I may have to get on!! Like I need a new obsession!!

Ann said...

How fun! So glad you got picked up by CNN! You're famous. I may have to get on Twitter too- just to read your posts!

JEF said...

Sweet you are famous :)


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