Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another book event

Last night I went down to Dallas to see the author Emily Giffin.  My friend Lisa went with me and this is the third time we've gone to one of her signings.  She is definitely more popular now than she was 6+ years ago when we went to the first event.  I'm so happy that she is popular, but this means that the events are a bigger pain in the rear-end to attend...well that and the fact that Barnes and Noble couldn't organize their way out of a paper bag, but that's another issue.

Not only do I love Emily's books, but get this:  Emily was a lawyer, quit her job, moved to London and wrote her first book.  Now she lives with her family in Atlanta, but I've got to bow down to anyone who quits her job and up and moves to London.

Emily was on tour this time because she just published her 6th Novel, Where We Belong...

It was a fun event and in addition to grilling her about whether she plans to write a sequel to this book (and it looks like she just might!), we got the scoop on the movies being made from her other books.  You might have seen Something Borrowed when it came out in May 2011.  She assured us that there are still plans to make the follow-up, Something Blue, but that the same production company is making Heart of the Matter, and it looks like it might get made first (a little matter about Hillary Swank owning the production company and also planning to star in HOTM).  She did tell us that Love the One Your With is getting made sooner than later too, and that Maggie and Jake Gyllenhaal's mother is currently writing the movie script.  The newest book has also been optioned and looks like it could really be a go too.  I find this all incredibly exciting, even though the movies will never live up to the books. 

It was, as always, a fun event.  I love going to my favorite authors' book signings!


Ann said...

Looks like fun! And, by the way, you look especially pretty in that picture. Coral is your color!

Emily said...

I loved Heart of the Matter...and I love that Hillary Swank might be in it..I think Sandra Bullock would be fabulous in it as well. SO JEALOUS you got to meet Emily Giffin!!! Happy Almost Weekend Kara :)


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