Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm calling BS

So I read yesterday that LeAnn Rimes has entered a 30 day rehab program for "stress and anxiety".  I'm calling BS on that right now!  I believe "drugs and alcohol" would be more accurate.  I mean seriously, is there really even rehab programs for stress?  I thought that was called a vacation, no?

Even if there is such a thing, why in the heck does she need it.  The woman and her husband freaking live on vacation.  I read gossip sites daily, and I can tell you that at least 3 times a month, there is some photo of her super skinny body in a barely there bikini on a different beach...Mexico, Miami, etc.  If you live on vacation 90% of the time, how can you be so stressed that you need rehab?  It's total BS.

I guess thank goodness LeAnn doesn't live my life, because I can tell you that on Monday & Tuesday I had about 3 months of stress compacted into less than 24 hours.  If I'd known there was a rehab for such things, I might have checked myself in!  Instead, I just developed an unhealthy hate for people and went on about my business. 


courtney said...

i agree with you. if it's not for drugs and alcohol, it's for an eating disorder. she is wasting away.

Ann said...

When I heard about it I called BS too. I thought it was for an eating disorder. I'm not sure exactly what stressors she has in her life.


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