Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Shiner

Hey! What does the other guy look like?
(please disregard the bra, shoe and pair of shorts Lola is sitting on.  my life is pure chaos right now and unfortunately, the cracks have to show themselves somewhere!)
Well, the "other guy" doesn't look as bad as poor Lola since the "other guy" was a iron chaise lounge chair! 
On Wednesday night, Lola and I had been reading in my bed.  Well, I was reading.  Lola was snoozing.  I was ready to go to sleep because I have to get up at 5:45 on Thursday mornings to make my early morning class.  I took her outside, and she took off after a varmint.  She loves to hunt.  Squirrels by day.  Rats by night.  Rats run along the back fence at night and she loves to chase them.  She rarely catches them, but it's been known to happen.  Because she has caught one, the chase isn't about  to stop.
Anyway, I see her run into the dark corner of the yard at warp Lola speed, when all of the sudden I see her jump (or bounce as it turns out) back. She let out a little cry.  I thought, "Crap!  Whatever she was chasing has bitten her!".  Because that corner of the yard isn't lit by the porch light, I turned on my cell phone flash light and headed out there.  She was just sitting still like a statue, but she was kind of shaking.  I looked to see if there was something that had attacked her, but I saw nothing.  I started looking her over.  Checking her back, checking her legs, but nothing.  Then she turned her face and her left eye was completely bloody.  Turns out she clipped the edge of the chaise lounge chair with her eye! 
There is nothing worse than blood and a white dog!
I grabbed her up and headed to the kitchen sink where I got paper towels and tried to clean up the blood.  I could see that there was a big chunk of skin gone under her eye, and there was also possibly a cut above her eye, but I was more concerned that there was blood in her eye and I couldn't tell where it was coming from.  So I went and got dressed and at 10:15, headed to the all night doggy ER.
Turns out she does have a cut on her upper and lower lids, but thankfully, she did not scratch her cornea.  Here's a pic from the ER.  I took it after the cornea test, so sorry about the gross yellow dye that got everywhere.
It was a miracle that they weren't super busy.  One of the worst parts of the whole ordeal was that they put me in the exam room that we were in when I had to put my black schnauzer Macy to sleep.  So I suffered through the torment of that, but we actually weren't there all that long.  We made it back home by about 11:30 and after I doctored Lola's eye with the ointment and gave her a pain pill, we went to sleep.
She has always been a trooper.  As much as she has been sick and been to a vet, she still is just as friendly to vet clinic staff as a pup could be.  She's just been a champ through this. 
Today, she has a puppy version of a black eye, and a mom who wants to duct tape pillows around her!  


Emily said...

Oh poor sweet Lola and you! That looks awful. I would have been freaking out. Glad she is okay minus the whole black eye and soreness.

Ann said...

Poor Lola! Glad she is on the mend!!

JEF said...

Poor little Lola...hope she is doing much better now.


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