Monday, September 17, 2012

Poor Lola

Poor Lola.  I got home from my 8 hour class on Saturday and noticed that Lola seemed to have an ear infection.  First the eye, now the ear!

I had to teach for another 5 hours on Sunday, but once I was done, we headed out of town.  It was time to go see our real vet, you know the one that is a 300 mile round trip!  We made a pit stop in Nocona for the night, so that we could get up early and head to Wichita Falls. 

Lola's the best little traveler.  She just sits and gazes out the window.
Anyway, wouldn't you know it...Lola has like the worst ear infection in the history of the planet.  One that is multiple strains of bacteria that are likely highly resistant to drugs.  That is coupled with the problem that she has a limitation on what kind of medicine she can take due to her bad pancreas, has the vet quite concerned (me too as you can imagine).  We have a heavy duty antibiotic to take for 21 days and I have to give her an ear wash twice a day.  In three weeks we have to go back to see if it's gone.  If it isn't we will have to send a culture out to have it tested and figure out exactly which strain of bacteria she has so that we know exactly what kind of drug to use to treat it. 
Joe, our vet, thought that the severity of this infection is partly due to the trauma from last Wednesday.  The good part of having to go visit the vet, is that he was able to give her eye a check too.  He was really concerned about pressure in her eye (which ER never mentioned).  All looked good though!
So my poor Lola needs prayers that her infection clears up.  Poor baby.  


Legally Lovely said...

Sheesh. Poor Lola is having all sorts of bad luck. I bet she's glad she has a good mommy to take care of her! Will be thinking good thoughts for you and her both. Keep us updated!

courtney said...

poor girl! i hope it all gets cleared up soon! earaches are so painful!

Emily said...

Oh poor girl cant catch a break. We will be thinking of yall hoping the meds will do it. Bless yall's little heart!

JEF said...

Sorry to hear about Lola. Hope she's doing better now.


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