Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What's it worth?

I've heard on the news today that a study found that the Tooth Fairy is doling out more money this year than she did in 2011.  I guess that average price per tooth is $3.   Apparently at $3 per tooth, that's up 17% from the 2011 going rate.  The study concluded that some kids receive less than $3, with 3% getting $1.  Some kids are getting up to $20 per tooth.

I honestly don't recall what the tooth fairy gave back in the day when I was losing teeth.  I remember getting money most of the time, but I recall a cabbage patch kids necklace once.  I also remember once that I was in Houston with my mom and great grandparents visiting my uncle.  I swallowed my tooth while eating an apple and I wrote out an explanation to the Tooth Fairy and made everyone witness it.  I don't remember what I go then either, I just recall the affidavit working, and I got something.

My favorite tooth fairy story ever comes from my little cousin Gracie.  She is almost 13, so this happened several years ago.  She was maybe 7 or 8.  She was telling me that she lost a tooth while they were on vacation in New York City.  She told me how much she got from the fairy.  She said it was more than she usually got and then she added, "I guess because everything costs more in New York City."

So the question is, what did you get from the tooth fairy? 
If you have kids, what is the norm in your house?

Just curious.


courtney said...

i always got $1/tooth. my kids do, too--except $5 for the first one and last one b/c those are special!

this discussion came up a couple of weeks ago when i was with some friends at a shower. one of my friends keeps her kids' teeth! G.R.O.S.S.!!!

Legally Lovely said...

I usually got money. One time, I got a bunch of coins but they'd been covered in glitter - fairy money! I remember one time though I wanted something different, like a present. I got a Celine Dion CD instead! ha.

JEF said...

I honestly don't recall but $20 is pretty ridiculous. I think the fairy coins are a great idea. I will keep that one in my back pocket for sure. I know a little girl who would loooove those :)


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